My God that diner scene though. Just imagine how adorable they’re going to be when Hook isn’t all miserable over the curse. Their cuteness will be ridiculous. Emma actually giggled, we’ve never seen her that happy.

Anonymous asked:
Would you rather give a blow job to all the members of one direction or catch you parents in the middle of 'getting it on'


One direction obvs


OMG!!! I just noticed how it looks like he is starting to pull away and how she pulls his hook back toward her!!!

#i’m crying about how natural this looks #and how it’s like he didn’t even think twice about doing this #like walking out of the house with her #guiding her if you will #is just second nature #and he doesn’t really think about it until she turns to look at him #and he stops even though i’m pretty positive she wouldn’t have been mad had he left his hand there #and it’s such a telling moment for how far their relationship has come #and how much he cares for her #and it hurts even more because of the damn curse #AND I’M EMOTION

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